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Year 10 - Green Book

icones_peda General information about the movie.

—> click on the picture. There’s a link to a wikipedia article !

1) What sort of film is Green Book (2 items) ? Give a short definition of each element.

2) Explain the title of the movie. Where does it come from (source of inspiration) ?

3) When does the story take place ? What was the historical context in the US at the time ?

4) Where does the story take place ? What is that sort of film called ?

icones_peda The Protagonists

Gather information about the two main characters :

Look at the picture.
Compare the two characters’ economic and social status.

icones_peda The Plot and the characters’ journey to the Deep South.

Green Book is also a Road Movie showing the two protagonists’ trip to the Deep South.

Retrace their steps !

List the different states that are mentioned in the movie :
A : B : C :
D : E : F :
G : H : I :
and J :

What are the Southern States in coded in Red ? What are they ?

Discover about The Jim Crow Laws

The Segregation laws  :

The Motorist Green Book


The letter :