Publié : 27 avril 2020
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Year 09 - New sequency topic : everything in a nutshell... Oops... in a wordcloud !

Year 10 - New sequency topic  : everything in a nutshell... Oops... in a wordcloud  ! ***

**** "in a nutshell" is a reference to Shakespeare’s genius !

Shakespeare invented, created, shaped many expressions that people haD never used before and that are still used today after 200 years !!!!

And YOU ? What will be the catch phrase, the expression, the quote YOU will remember of Romeo & Juliet ? Well we’ll see at the end of our sequency ! So from now on, open your eyes, prick up your ears, unlock your mind and be ready to find your favourite Romeo and Juliet’s words !!!!

Dayane :

Florian :

Adam :

Damien :

Fedy :

Killian :

Karym :

Tessa :

Benjamin ;