Publié : 11 février 2020
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Year 8 - Comparisons

icones_peda Find synonyms ! Activity 8 Exercise 1

Let’s check your answers !
Height —> tall, big, high ≠ small, short, tiny (minuscule)
Weight ---> big, heavy (lourd), fat, strong, corpulent ≠ light (léger)
Speed —> fast, quick, agile ≠ slow (lent)
Danger ----> dangerous, poisonous, aggressive, venomous ≠ safe = harmless (sans danger), nice, peaceful (paisible)

icones_peda Watch this video and learn about the comarative form !

icones_peda Then answer these questions to check your understanding !

icones_peda To finish with, listen to these animal comparisons and do activity 8 n°2)